Wednesday, February 2, 2011

GMO alfalfa...

Just days ago, the Obama Administration decided to allow Monsanto's genetically modified alfalfa into our food system.
Behind soy, corn, and wheat, alfalfa is the 4th most important crop grown in the United States. It is estimated that 93% of all alfalfa grown in America does not (did not?) even use any herbicides. Bugs are not attracted to this crop, so herbicides are not needed.
Alfalfa pollen is exceptionally volatile, easily traveling miles by way of insects and wind. This means it can (and will) easily spread to other crops and cross pollinate with non-GMOs.
Alfalfa is also a very important crop for organic meat and dairy farmers who rely on it to feed their animals. If they start purchasing the GM alfalfa, the term "Organic" will no longer ensure the product is also non-GMO. Since, unlike in Europe, there are no requirements for labeling Genetic Modification, Organic is the only way we here in the states can know a food's genes have not been tampered with. It has even been estimated that 83% of Organic-buyers buy organic just to avoid GMOs.
If organic farmers turn to GM alfalfa, then there won't be a way to avoid GMOs..they will be everywhere...
Whole Foods, Stonyfield, and Organic Valley- 3 of the largest organic companies have already turned to this new GMO alfalfa.

Monsanto is a money-hungry, selfish corporation all about genetic modification. They engineer all of their crops to do two things: Not produce seeds (in other words, they will never reproduce, are all of clones of each other, and a farmer must buy more seeds every year rather than saving seeds from the previous harvest- allowing the plant to evolve against natural diseases), and to not be able to survive witout
the use of their herbicide Roundup. Every crop patented- yes, patented, by Monsanto must be sprayed with Round up to live. Any farmer who has been found to have any patented crop on his/her land- whether they want it there or not, has been sued by Monsanto for infringement if they have not purchased the seeds. (seeds that catch the wind, fall off of transportation trucks, etc.)
Monsanto always wins.

It’s heartbreaking news to hear. Monsanto is getting everything they want, and the government is handing it to them. If the USDA truly cares about the health of the public, then they will repeal this decision, and once again illegalize GM alfalfa.

It is up to us, the People, to speak out against this. We have to spread the word to those who don’t know what Monsanto or GMOs are.

How to Contact the USDA:

Economic Research Service
1800 M Street NW
Washington, DC
20036-5831 USA


An Online Petition:
We can't let Monsanto take over our food supply, we have to stand up for Mother Nature before it's too late...

Thank you for reading, we all have to do out part and stop this!

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  1. God damn it do I hate Monsanto! It nauseates me how they've permeated nearly every important crop the world has. I'll be signing the petition!