Sunday, February 12, 2012

An Open Letter to the Catholic Church

Controversial legislations are nothing new. It's impossible to please everyone, and often, those everyones who disagree are a large enough group that they will protest whatever it is they are against.

Religious groups are one of these everyones. With the Obama administration including sterilization, contraceptives, and abortifacients in health care insurance provided by institutions, it's no surprise the Catholic church is up in arms.

Claiming that being forced to pay insurance for someting that is "morally evil", the Catholic church finds the PPACA a violation of conscience.
I can sympathize. Being an animal lover and welfarist, I will never feel ethical that my taxes will go to studies using animal testing. Activists against the PPACA say it is a violation of the First Amendment, which ensures freedom of religion. If contraceptives are a thing people disagree with for religious reasons, then why should that person be forced to pay into such a thing?

I do feel that the Obama administration should be more considerate towards those who really are against this (although, I'm curious how many Catholics have used contraceptives). However, how can the Catholic church justify this opposition when they, and other religious fanatics, so often fight other things that are constitutional rights?

If a woman is not religious, then why do religious fanatics fight to make abortion more and more difficult for that woman to do? She is not Christian, she does not see anything wrong with getting an abortion.
Or what about gay marriage? Religious fanatics say it is evil, unnatural, and disgusting. If gays, lesbians, or transgenders do not share the same beliefs as their opponents, then why should they not be granted the freedom to marry or receive sex changes? Or even just be open in public without risking their safety?

How is it fair that we put up with the constant violations of Separation of Church and State when religious groups move to push us back into the 19th century, but as soon as something is done that upsets the Catholic church, they stomp their feet and complain?

If Catholics are going to want an exemption from this bill, then I think it's tme they leave women and gays alone.

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